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To bring a lot of animal pictures of India was the true purpose of my travels there. I went about 5 times and my first journey was to find the tigers, which I did with much luck. I arrived at Christmas time in Corbett N.P, in a place called Dhikala and it was marvelous, at least for me as I had the abnormal chance to see 5 different tigers in 3 days while nobody saw any of them during the same period!!!

Indian Animals - Hanuman Langur Hanuman Langur

India Animals Pictures

Going then to Bandhavgarth N.P. and Kanha N.P., having seen the tigers, I concentrated my attention on the others Indian animals like the graceful spotted deers or chitals moving mostly in groups. Generally they are not far from the monkeys called Langur monkeys, they stayed in the trees and look around if a tiger is coming, if it is, they “send” then an alarm call to inform all the animals of the danger…Golden jackals, sambars, gaurs (big Indian bisons), elephants and more can also be seen in most parks. My next stop was to Sariska N.P, the quantity of beautiful peacocks surprised me first, I had just forgotten that the Indian peacock is the national emblem of India!

My last travel was to Assam and the Manas N.P. at the frontier of Buthan that I crossed on foot without any passport… Manas is among the rare places to find the famous capped langur monkeys, they are brown and very seductive. But apart from the tigers and the capped langurs, for me the dreaming moments were the sunrise elephant rides, I spent hours in Kaziranga N.P. on the back of huge elephants strolling among a lot of one-horned rhinoceros concentrated in the park. It was really impressive to go so close and unforgettable! Interested also in birds, Barathpur is the perfect paradise for ornithologists. India is really a great country…

India Mammals

Indian Animals Pictures

One Horned Rhino One Horned Rhino
Chital Or Spotted Deer Chital Or Spotted Deer
Dhikala Corbett Dhikala Corbett

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